Victor Cheng – Look Over My Shoulder

Name Product: Victor Cheng – Look Over My Shoulder
COST: $297
The Case Interview “Look Over My Shoulder” Program allows you to listen in on 8 different case interviews given to over twenty different candidates.
For each case, you will be able to listen in on how different candidates performed on each case. You’ll discover what they did right, what they did wrong, and how they could have done it better.
Unlike case interview type workshops where you might hear a sample case and someone explain after the fact what the candidate did right or wrong, for these interviews you will hear my “voice over” commentary the exact second someone gets something totally right or they screw it up.
Like watching a major sporting event like the Olympics, you will have access to “instant slow-motion replay”. You’ll be able to rewind and re-listen to each major error or best practice as many times as you need to internalize the new habit.
The total program is close to 20 hours of audio recordings and transcripts. This includes 291 specific “voice over” comments from me the instant someone makes a mistake or does something absolutely perfectly.
Cases 6-8 were added as part of a program update on October, 7th, 2011 and reflect the McKinsey interviewer led format.
Package description:
– Start guide: LOMS-READ-THIS-FIRST [1 PDF]
– 8 Cases [22 MP3s]
– Transcripts [22 PDFs]
– Given exibits for case cracking for 6, 7, 8 cases [3 PDFs]
– LOMS-Issue-Trees [1 PDF]
– LOMS-Notes McKinsey Round One FAQs [1 PDF]
– LOMS Program Files Included in this [1 PDF]

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