Todd Brown – Webinar Intensification Process

Name Product: Todd Brown – Webinar Intensification Process
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Imagine getting 52%, 56%, and even 67% of your registrants to actually show-up to your webinars eagerly waiting to hear your message.
That’s exactly what the Intensification Process consistently does for you.
What Is The Intensification Process?
A few years ago, while running the marketing at Strategic Profits, Rich and I got word from Clayton Makepeace that he was doing something for Weiss Financial that was creating massive amounts of revenue from webinars.
He was using a cool model for doing event-based trainings that sold like gangbusters.
And that was the first we’d heard of them the way Clayton was doing ‘em.
After reverse engineering the whole process, studying every step out the whazoo, and then testing them based on Clayton’s model, Rich was able to prove the model’s validity and effectiveness (and profitability) for us.
Then… he took the model to a whole new level.
And our results at Strategic Profits EXPLODED.
In fact, one of the webinars we had, at the time, was bringing us about $82.00 PER REGISTRANT.
And it was at that time, that Rich published a, now famous, 49-page report for our Founders Club Members that laid out the model we were using.

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