The Micro Niche Course 2.0

Name Product: The Micro Niche Course 2.0
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“The Most Sensible Way To Start 1 Small
Site & Create A $20 – $100 A Day Adsense/Affiliate Income, And In
Just 30-60 Minutes A Day…
It’s Time That You Simplify Your Niche
Approach – Yes, SIMPLIFY!
(I’ve Stripped Away The B.S. For You…)
With 2014 coming up and Google rankings even harder than ever to rely upon, it’s time to take control of your niche site business and make things as simple and streamlined as possible!
I want you to be confident in starting a simple website that makes at least $20 – $100 a day within 30-60 days.
What you might not realize is that instead of ADDING MORE STUFF TO DO I’ve actually STRIPPED AWAY MOST TASKS…
Yes that’s right, I have removed about 90% of what you are taught to do today:
• No Need To Be Stressed Over Big 300-500 Page Authority Sites
• No Need To Build Unnecessary Backlinks
• No Need To Get Caught Up In Social Media Overload
• No Need For Keyword Research When Choosing A Niche
• No Need To Stress Over Writing “Epic” Content Every Day
• No Need To Update Your Sites If You Don’t Want To
• No Need To Wait On SEO & Top Rankings With Devastating Google Updates
• No Need To Build A List In Order To Make Money
• No Need To Spend Money On Unnecessary Tools & Software
• No Need To Build Useless, Crappy Websites
The main course itself is 143 pages. Inside you will be absolutely RELIEVED at how simple you should approach your niche sites.
You will have a 15 day action plan that will get your site up and running with only 1 home page, 1 money page, 1-3 supporting main pages, and maybe a few simple Q/A blog posts for some added thickness to the site.
Then you will have 4 optional promotion schedules. The best thing to do is simply pick 1 method and work that 1 method the best you can. Keep it simple. Keep it easy. Keep it fun!
In addition, I have taken the best material from all of my last books and organized them into 200 pages of easy-to-reference “AMC Help Files.”
It’s So Simple… Anyone Can Do This!
Even My 14-Year Old Daughter Did It &
Created A $600 Per Month Adsense Income
With Her Hobby Blog On Cat Breeds
You’ll be surprised at how simple this course really is. It’s all about picking 1 solution and finding that audience. That’s all this stuff really boils down to.
I’m just glad that I decided to break down the myths and strip away the fat in this course!
So if you haven’t made good money with niche sites and are lost in the shuffle then step into my office and GET THIS COURSE!

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