Social Media Success Summit 2014

Discover how to use social media to attract and engage quality customers, and quickly grow your business.

Social Media Summit

Largest Online Social Media Conference:

Sixth-Annual Social Media Success Summit 2014

Join over 3,000 fellow marketers at the online mega-conference designed to empower and inspire you with social media marketing tactics—brought to you by Social Media Examiner.
You’ll be led by 45+ of the world’s top social media marketing pros—live from your computer wherever you are in the world!
You’ll discover powerful business-building tactics as the experts reveal their newest social media marketing tips and practical, real-world, proven examples.
You’ll be able to take your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, blogging, podcasting and video marketing to an entirely new level.

Here’s why you should attend this online conference:

#1: Discover the best and newest ways to deploy and track social tactics: Take in 40+ practical, action-oriented social media marketing sessions from the world’s leading experts—all from the comfort of your home or office.
#2: Reduce your trial and error time: Why experiment with your social media marketing when you can fast-track your time to success? The experts at this event will empower you to focus on what really works (and prove to others it works).
#3: Improve your professional development at a low cost: Most conferences cost thousands of dollars for travel and lost work time while attending a physical event. Not at Social Media Success Summit, because it all happens online.
#4: Watch sessions live or at your own pace: All of our sessions are held online! You can attend live sessions or catch the video recordings, download audio files and study transcripts when your schedule permits.
#5: Network with marketers just like you: Make new connections in our private and exclusive LinkedIn group (more than 1600 marketers joined our group last year) and chat live with other participants in our Twitter chat room.

Seven facts about Social Media Success Summit

#1: 96% of last year’s attendees said they’d recommend the event to a friend AND attend again!
#2: Travel is NOT required! This is a fully online LIVE conference.
#3: 3000 marketers attended last year, including thousands of small businesses and marketers from well known brands.
Here is a sample of brands that attended in 2013: Kawasaki Motors, United Way, Christian Broadcasting Network, Wells Fargo, Suntrust, 3M,World Vision, US Air Force, US Chamber of Commerce, Assurant Health, AT&T, PBS, Penn State, University of Sao Paulo, Lennox, Dell, Dow Jones, University of Chicago, CBS Interactive, University of Illinois, Coldwell Banker, Cisco, Hyatt, Johnson & Johnson, University of Nebraska, CUTCO, Mayo Clinic, World Health Organization, University of Indiana, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Ripley, Experian, Alcatel-Lucent, SAP, Waldorf Astoria, University of Missouri, MGM Resorts, H&R Block, Xerox,, American Red Cross, Nokia, James Madison University, Conoco Phillips, Virginia State Parks, Steelcase, Experian, Kelly Services, Columbia University, Wellesley College, Nashville Symphony, Mobil Oil, University of Kansas, Monsanto, University of Connecticut, Discover Card, Brown University, USA Volleyball, Kaiser Permanente, Accenture, Temple University, Marriott Hotels, Nestle USA, IBM, Hobby Lobby, Time Warner, UC Berkeley, BP, World Vision, Cisco, Dell, Cambridge University Press, Microsoft, University of Maryland, Arizona State University, USAA, and Disney!
#4: 67% of our social media instructors are published book authors!  These are the leading experts in the world. Here’s a sample:

  • Jay Baer (author, Youtility)
  • Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing)
  • Michael Stelzner (author, Launch)
  • Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies)
  • Mark Schaefer (author, Social Media Explained)
  • Nichole Kelly (author, How to Measure Social Media)
  • Bryan Kramer (author, Human to Human)
  • Neal Schaffer (author, Maximize Your Social)
  • Lee Odden (author, Optimize)
  • Viveka von Rosen (author, LinkedIn Marketing)
  • Lynette Young (author, Google+ for Small Businesses)
  • Stanford Smith (co-author, Born to Blog)
  • Andrea Vahl (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies)
  • Melonie Dodaro (author, The LinkedIn Code)
  • Joe Pulizzi (author, Epic Content Marketing)
  • Todd Wheatland (author, The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare)
  • John Lee Dumas (author, Podcast Launch)
  • Jessica Gioglio (co-author, The Power of Visual Storytelling)

#5: You’ll discover proven tips and tactics that work for small businesses along with how big brands such as  Whole Foods Market, Humana, Dunkin’ Donuts and Tyson Foods are using social media.
#6: Session video recordings, MP3 audio recordings and transcripts are included.

#7: This year we have 33% more sessions than last year!  And the sessions are organized by social platform so you focus where you need the most help (and review the recordings at your leisure).

Week 1: Covers social media strategy, tactics and tools

  • Tuesday October 7 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Wednesday October 8 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Thursday October 9 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)

Week 2: Deep dives into Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter marketing

  • Monday  October 13 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Tuesday October 14 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Wednesday October 15 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Thursday October 16 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)

Week 3: Digs into blogging, Pinterest, podcasting and video marketing

  • Monday  October 20 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Tuesday October 21 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Wednesday October 22 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Thursday October 23 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)

Week 4: Examines content marketing, Instagram marketing, social media ROI and analytics

  • Monday  October 27 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Tuesday October 28 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Wednesday October 29 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)
  • Thursday October 30 – Sessions at Noon, 1pm and 2pm (PDT)

Social Media Success Summit

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