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Name Product: Sean Mize – Integrated Conversion Campaign
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There are seven components of my Integrated Conversion Campaign Training:
–>The Psychological Persuasion Framework Formula: Exactly how to build an email conversion campaign that shows prospects that YOU are the right and ONLY person they should buy from. This psychological framework is critical for building engagement with prospects so they buy within 21 days – $3,000 value
–> How to Write Engagement Emails (Emails That Create Connection and Trust): Exactly how to write a complete series of emails that builds credibility and trust so that your prospects will buy from YOU instead of your competition. People buy based on trust and credibility, not based on fancy schmancy sales words (you buy because you trust someone, not because they know the “right” words to put on a sales page, right?) – $2,000 value
–>My Personal Formula for Writing Your Conversational-Style Sales Letter That Enrolls People in Your $1000 – $500o training program: This is the exact scripting of a coaching or high priced training that sells your training for $1000 to $5000, all you have to do is follow the directions to write your own! – $3,000 value – $3,000 value
–> How to Use a Proprietary Combination of Sales Letters and Specially Crafted Emails to Create an Irresitable Pull to Do Business With YOU Instead of your Competition: I use a cycling system of building trust, creating engagement, selling training, then rinse and repeat that builds a deep level of trust and creates a longing to work with you instead of your competition. This module teaches you exactly how to do that in your own business so that you are making sales fast instead of waiting months or years for prospects to buy. – $2,000 value
–> How to Use Split Testing and Optimization on Your Emails and Your Multiple Sales Letters and Credibility Pages in Your Campaign to Maximize Sales Scientifically The Way I Do: This component teaches you how I personally use optimization methods to improve my own campaigns, and I make it really easy for you to do. You CAN split test emails, individual pages on your web site, and even articles to determine which page views lead to SALES and which do not. This is critical, because you may be getting a lot of traffic to a page that is HURTING your sales – with my easy method, you KNOW what increases your conversion rate scientifically, just like I do. – $1,000 value
–> How to Use “Homework” Assignments to Get Prospects Psychologically Primed to Do Business With You: This module includes my proprietary training on writing interactive emails. You see, when you use interactive emails (the right way, the wrong way will backfire) your prospects draw closer to you emotionally, and choose to work with you personally – $1,000 value
–> The Exact Scripting for a 21 Day New-Prospect Campaign That Generates Up to $20 or More In Sales Per Subscriber: This is my exact formula for the exact campaign that I have scientifically tested and performs consistently at high levels – and you get my exact instructions for duplicating it in YOUR niche. – $3,000 value

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