POF 7-Day Mastery Guide

Name Product: POF 7-Day Mastery Guide
Sale Page: http://ipyxel.com/pof-7-day-mastery-guide/
Price: $49.79
This is not your everyday informational eBook. This is the quintessential guide to achieving massive scale and profitability on the Plenty of Fish advertising platform.
This is the cumulative experience of two years of hard work and going through tens of thousands of dollars of spend per month on POF made into a comprehensive, all-in-one guide in advertising on Plenty of Fish.  It took me time and investment to figure out my now proven system, and to my word, I am giving it all to you guys.
I guarantee you will find this guide valuable whether you are a beginner or an expert at POF.  If there is anything I missed or if you want a concept elaborated in more detail, simply contact me, and I will do that for you, personally.
Learning POF and operating it in scale instead of just a few campaigns is a commitment you have to make with your time and capital.  This eBook is only for the serious learner who is ready to make such a commitment, not just make it a side hobby for a couple hours a week.  If you are looking for a get-rich-quick magic pill, look elsewhere.

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