Max Simon – Proven Six Figure Path

Here’s How To Find Your

Tribe & Thrive Financially


Your tribe is the specific group of people you’re meant to serve who will pay you well, be easy to find, and buy everything you create.

The Proven Six-Figure Path is an interactive 6-module online coaching program designed to hold your hand through the process of getting crystal clear about exactly who you’re meant serve (your tribe), how to strike the perfect chord with them in your marketing and communications, how to create products, programs, and events they desire, and how to enroll people into these new offerings with ease and heart.

This will help you generate hundreds of thousand dollars this year for serving others with your knowledge & wisdom.


  • Module #1: Discover Your Tribe & Track
    You will FINALLY find the people you are meant to serve who will pay you well, be FUN to work with, and actually use your guidance & wisdom.
  • Module #2: Define Your Transformation & Signature System
    You will clearly define your own, signature system that makes you unique and strike the perfect cord with your desired tribe.  You will also learn how to communicate “what you do” in a way that is clear, attractive and powerful.
  • Module #3: High-Impact Vehicles
    You’ll learn how to package your knowledge into highly desired coaching/consulting/service packages, group programs, and live events that your tribe will eagerly purchase..  You’ll also discover how to stand behind them 100% with total confidence.
  • Module #4: Become a Master of Enrollment
    You’ll FOREVER banish your negative feelings around selling and learn how to enroll 100% of the right people into your programs with ease.  You’ll also get exact scripts and questions to ask that will turn “I can’t afford it” into an excited YES.
  • Module #5: Build Your Dream Team
    You’ll see EXACTLY how to stop doing everything yourself and build an incredible dream team that will free up 10-25 hours of your time each week.  You’ll also discover how to attract the most amazing people at a fraction of the cost and learn how to delegate everything that isn’t in your genius zone.
  • Module #6: How to Think Like a Millionaire Entrepreneur
    You’ll learn how to think, feel and act wealthy RIGHT NOW… so that it happens.  You’ll see how to FEEL your own value, stop worrying about money (once and for all) and attract high-level partners and friends.

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Max Simon – Proven Six Figure Path –
Max Simon – Proven Six Figure Path –