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Marc Harty’s “Online PR Made Easy”, how to use online press release strategies to gain traffic to your sites.
Discover The ONE Web Traffic Source That Is…
* So, Misunderstood, Many Marketing and Publicity Pros Will Never Tap its Full IMPACT
* So Influential, It is 7 times more credible than advertising
* So Effective, It Generates Instant Visibility, Hundreds of Visitors and Backlinks in Just 48 Hours
* So Versatile, It Supercharges Your Article and Social Media Marketing – Practically Overnight
* So Affordable, It’s Often Free or At the Most, Pennies a click
* So Lasting, It Delivers Traffic for Weeks, Months, Even Years with Zero Extra Work
Here is my proven 7-point formula for press release success:
#1. Headline Keep in brief!
#2: Summary 2-3 sentence summary of the subject/topic of your release.
#3: Intro paragraph Set the stage. Arouse curiosity to keep them reading.
#4: Body copy/quote Quote can be from you or a 3rd party.
#5: Body copy/support points 2-3 fact-based support points
#6: Call to action Encourage clickthroughs to a landing page
#7: About Standard overview of your company.

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