Luke Jaten – A-Z Nutrition Startup Workshop

Name Product: Luke Jaten – A-Z Nutrition Startup Workshop
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Luke Jaten – A-Z Nutrition Startup Workshop
“Some of these clients have
businesses that bring in well
over a million dollars a month
in revenue (after being in
business less than 2 years).”
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There’s another category of products that, in my humble opinion, are superior to info products. Over the last 2 years 75% of my high-end coaching clients sell this other (superior) type of product.Some of these clients have businesses that bring in well over a million dollars a month in revenue (after being in business less than 2 years).
So what is this “superior” type of product? Health and nutritional supplements. Yes… vitamins, herbs, protein powders, and stuff you might find at your local GNC. It’s a 28 billion dollar a year (and growing) industry.
Why do I believe these types of products are superior? They’re cheap to produce, with certain manufacturers you don’t need to keep a bunch of inventory, margins are fantastic, repeat orders make up a large portion of revenue, in my experience they’re easier to sell than info products, and a whole lot of other reasons I don’t have space to list here.
Bottom line… my clients who sell health and nutritional products make my info-product clients look tiny in comparison.
I finally got tired of watching (and helping) my health clients make so much money I decided to join them. I just launched my own health product and it’s starting off with a bang!
Anyway… the reason I’m writing you this email is I recently taught a virtual workshop on starting a nutrition business from scratch.
The bad news is you missed it.
The good news is we recorded the whole thing.
So, if you have any interest in this area at all, here are the details.
The workshop is called “A-Z Nutrition Startup”
The live version took us 5 weeks to go through but you’ll be able to breeze through the whole thing in a weekend.
The workshop covers everything you need to know to start a nutritional supplement business including:
• Picking a market
• Sourcing products (private label vs. custom formulation)
• Basic business setup
• Merchant Accounts
• Picking a CRM (customer relationship management) software
• Email autoresponders
• What type of website works best
• Shipping and Fulfillment outsourcing
• Handling customer service (in house or outsourced)
• Creating the perfect offer (pricing, bundles, continuity, etc.)
• How hire a copywriter or do your own
• Should you sell on Amazon
• Various marketing channels pluses and minuses
• Outsourcing your advertising
• How to set up JVs
• Plus recommended vendors for many of these things.
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