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Most of us think we have a good handle on our day. But we’d be wrong.
The truth is we are wasting hours of work doing the same repetitive tasks over and over.
I want to show you how, by using this set of Productivity Hacks, you can significantly cut down on the tasks that keep you from building your business so you can focus your time and energy building what really matters.
Think about it like this. Most everyone has basic building blocks that make up their work day. Things like email, phone calls, research and relationships. I’ll teach you universal ‘Hacks’ that can make all of these tasks more efficient. Imagine if you could just knock just 10 minutes off each of these. That’s 40 minutes of reclaimed time you didn’t have before, every day.
In this course…
We’re going to break down each ‘Hack’ and the best ways to use it, covering: maximizing your productivity, outsourcing your weaknesses and the best tools to accomplish it all. We will provide examples and resources in each module to help you quickly master each hack.
The best part is it’s really not that hard! Unfortunately, most people don’t want to invest a few minutes up front to put “burnout work” on autopilot.

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