Janis Pettit – Speaking to Sales Secrets Workshop

Name Product: Janis Pettit – Speaking to Sales Secrets Workshop
Sale Page: http://speakingtosales.com/
Price: $297
Get new clients each time you speak– live, on tele-classes, or by phone
Multiply your sales with a powerful Speaking to Sales Success Strategy that makes selling effortless
Never worry about how to get plenty of high paying clients again
Become a sought after expert in your niche— one that has people seeking you out
Dear Expert Entrepreneur,
Let’s face it. At heart you’re a teacher. It’s your gift. Nothing is more exciting than sharing your knowledge and expertise to help your clients get amazing results.
Now imagine turning that passion into an extra 6 figures over the next year. Yes I know you’ve heard that before and it might seem hard to fathom. But let me assure you that I’ve done it and so have many others, including many of my clients.
And the fastest ways to do it is through speaking.  Even if speaking is a bit outside your comfort zone, understand that you don’t have to get up in front of hundreds to make speaking work for you in your business. Speaking is the FASTEST WAY I KNOW TO GET NEW CLIENTS EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

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