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Name Product: Felicia Slattery – Signature Speech for Authors
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Dear Expert Friend:
It feels almost like a Catch-22.
Oftentimes as authors we are bombarded with a zillion suggestions from well-meaning marketing folks. Authors tend to be new when it comes to marketing (and maybe even writing) a book, and it’s natural to want to try most of the fun ideas. What I found, however, is that many of those highly-touted things flat out don’t work for most new non-fiction authors. So how are we supposed to sell more books?
Do you really need a publicist, for instance? What about all those press releases that cost a lot of money? Here’s a secret from my PR pro insider pal — back when Oprah was on TV daily, not even the non-fiction authors who got on her show as guest experts sold even close to just 10,000 books with their appearance. And that was in front of Oprah’s millions of audience members just waiting for her to tell them what to buy next. (Because the secret is, she wasn’t telling her audience to buy any specific non-fiction books like she did with her Book Club, which was all fiction-based). So if the juggernaut that was The Oprah Show wasn’t a good tool for marketing your book… what is?
It’s sad authors invest in the many courses on marketing your book which offer bunches of expensive marketing techniques that turn out to be a huge waste of time and money. And worse, leave you confused about how to get it all DONE and taken care of.

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