Drayton Bird – The Golden Key

Name Product: Drayton Bird – The Golden Key
Sale Page: http://askdrayton.com/
Price: $284.97
“Business owners – what keeps you awake at night? Whatever it is – I’d like to help”
“Have you ever left a restaurant wondering why you ordered so much?
I know I have.
You order with good intentions – but you literally can’t fit in everything you’d like to.
A lot like life, really. And that’s why I’ve launched this new site. Let me explain.
Over the years, I’ve created a huge amount of marketing material: videos, PDFs, case studies and Q&As.
I’m hugely biased, naturally. But I believe these little gems will help you solve any marketing conundrum – and come out with a profit. So a while ago I crowbarred them in to a membership site.
But it all went wrong because of one disastrous factor I had overlooked: lack of time.
Lots of people subscribed. But hardly any – and I mean this – used all that material. In fact, most subscribers watched less than 30 minutes of video a month. They just didn’t have the time.
“Got a question? Ask me!
Some poor souls paid happily each month and never logged in – a classic case of other people’s money – like their bosses’ – I suspect.
In my younger days, I would have been perfectly happy with this arrangement. But not now. The biggest thrill – and pleasure – I get is teaching.
So I wondered what I could do.
Give it all away perhaps? Not a chance: who values free information? Though I concede it’s smart to give some away.
Lower the price? This seemed obvious to me. At my age I far prefer the people who want to learn but can’t afford to, rather than the people who can, but don’t.

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