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Name Product: Donald Wilson – Facebook Ads Cracked
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Here’s a summary of the modules, from a review:
1) Niche Selection: you’re glad to learn which niches work best for Facebook, because what you promote makes a huge difference. Its a relief to know what has the best chance of bringing in profits.
2) Dirt Cheap Targeting: extremely low cost ways to target the exact audience thats interested in your stuff. You like how these tips are actionable, so you can implement it right away.
3) Less-Than-A-Penny Bidding: seems like some pretty sneaky ways to get super cheap exposure, but you love the creative solutions that are simple to apply.
4) Image Mastery: getting detailed guidelines on the highest click-thru rate images take the guesswork out for you.
5) Split Testing: doesn’t sound too appealing, but Don convinces you how split testing can literally make or break your profitable campaigns.
6) Sponsored Posts: cool little tricks to get maximum mileage out your posts. You start planning out your posts right away.
7) Affiliate Dynasty Ads: now you’re getting some great ideas on how to profit big-time as an affiliate marketer and what kind of programs to promote.
8) PPC List Building: you’ve always heard the money’s in the list. The roadmap you see here seems pretty easy & simple to use.
9) Retargeting ROI Jacker: at first, you wonder what the heck does this mean? Then, you realize that serving your Ad to people multiple times is the key to increasing your sales/commissions.
10) PPC Best Seller: jumping on to hot selling, trendy items and riding the wave while its hot. This one has you excited, but you’re more interested in building a list.
11) JV Attraction: it always seemed difficult to attract other list owners and product creators to partner up with. These cool little Ads and tricks give you a much easier path to follow.
12) Gift Giving Commissions: pretty unique idea on getting paid, but again, its not what you want to focus on.
13) Group Commission Overload: similar to the power of Groupon and LivingSocial, these videos got you thinking about profiting from group deals.
14) Custom Audience Takeover: now you start to see how sophisticated Facebook’s advertising platform really is, and how to use these advanced custom audience features to build your authority.

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