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yesengineslaYes Engines is a 6-week, multimedia online training that teaches you how to start generating more profitable sales for your business. There’s HD videos, worksheets, and more.
And by the end of it, you’ll learn:

  • How to Attract The Right Prospects
  • How to Convert Those Prospects Into Profitable Customers
  • How to Keep Those Customers For Life

Even better: You’ll see how to sell so that you can charge what you’re worth, and get it. And a whole lot more.

Module 1: The Psychology of Your Customers

1 – Struggling with figuring out who your ideal customer is? Use this simple technique – and watch your frustrations fade away.
2 – The single best way to find out if people want what you’re selling before you start selling it. This one little technique can help you save a boatload of time and money on creating something nobody wants to – or will ever – buy. (If you’re just getting started, ths is how you ensure you pursue a business that’s lucrative)
3 – The secret to charging what you’re worth and getting it (You’ll learn how to communicate with your prospects so that you’ll never hear “you’re too expensive” again).
4 – The 2 biggest mistakes that will cripple your sales. These 2 mistakes almost guarantee you’ll never make as much money as you rightfully deserve, but luckily, they’re easy to fix. Look for the answer in the 3rd video in this module.
5 – How to use the laws of psychology to persuade people to buy. There’s a lot of scientific psychology research that people ignore. You’ll learn how to leverage it to virtually guarantee sales success.
6 – The only 4 “reasons why” people say no to your products and services – and a simple 3-step formula for enticing them to say yes.
7 – The new “Yes Engines” system for fast business growth. And the truth about using your website to make sales.

Module 2: The Preview

1 – If you’re struggling to build your email list, then you’ll learn how “The Preview” will help you build it… fast.
2 – Plus, you’ll see how to ensure not just “anyone” joins your email list, but instead, people who actually want what you’re selling (whether they know you’re selling it or not).
3 – How to never “give away the farm,” but still provide educational, entertaining, and helpful content that can build likeability, trust, and most important, desire for your products and services.
4 – The exact STEP BY STEP method for turning a new prospect into a raving fan that’s ready to buy.
5 – 16 proven content templates, including examples and when to use each, so you’ll know what to create and when to create it. Even better, these 16 templates are perfect for video, audio, and text-based content.
6 – What people REALLY want when it comes to free content that leads up to a sale. And nope, it’s not just a bunch of information… even if it’s helpful. Do this right and you’ll watch their sales objections melt away.
7 – The exact “Preview” sequence I used to generate six figures in revenue (and the secret psychology behind why it worked)
8 – The easy-to-follow roadmap that takes your prospect from “I think I need help” to “where do I send the money.” And you’ll see how it works for software, services, and online courses.

Module 3: The Offer

1 – How to sell people on your products and services… before they even see your sales message.
2 – Is it really possible to construct “The Offer” without being salesy? The answer is a “resounding YES!” And in this module you’ll see how to do it.
3 – The proven 10-step formula for creating a sales message that converts. The best part? Learn how to use it create persuasive sales pages, compelling sales webinars, and high-converting sales videos.
4 – What NEVER to include in your sales messages. This is the dumbest thing people do, and what’s sad is, they think “it’s okay.” You’ll see why it isn’t in this module.
5 – Not a writer? No problem. I’ll teach you how to use “plug and play” sales sequences that can work… even in the most competitive markets.
6 – Are you tired of people getting confused about how your product or service actually helps them? Learn the simple psychological trick to get them to read your entire offer page.

Module 4: The WOW Experience

1 – The PROVEN blueprint for turning new customers into customers for life. Get this right, and you’ll learn how to turn one-off buyers into raving fans who want to buy everything you sell.
2 – Plus, the truth about refund rates – and the secret to lowering it.
3 – Warning – Research from Harvard Business school shows improving customer retention by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%… And that’s why “what happens after the sale” is the single most important thing for building a successful business in 2014.
4 – Getting helpful customer feedback about your products and services is one of the trickiest things to get right… until you see these word-for-word scripts I use. I’ll show you what they are, how they work, and more important, how they’ll help you “figure out” the hidden reasons why people buy what you’re selling.
5 – The REAL “WOW Experiences” I use in some of my most successful products. Feel free to model them so that you can get yours up and running as fast as possible.
6 – The single best way to get REAL testimonials… even if you’re just starting out.

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