David Bowden – Ultimate Gann Trading Course

Name Product: David Bowden – Ultimate Gann Trading Course
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The Ultimate Gann Course has been written for those who wish to apply pure Gann methods of time and price to their trading calculations. Building on the lessons you have learnt in the first two programs, the Ultimate Gann Course takes your trading to a new level as it introduces you to many of Gann’s advanced techniques. Squaring Time and Price, Time by Degrees and how to calculate it for any market, Forecasting and the Power of Squares are all covered in this course.
With a 170-page course manual, 9 DVD lessons, and a multitude of charts and reference cards you will have the resources at hand to learn how you can:
–    Combine price and time analysis to great effect
–    Predict market moves
–    Increase your profitability!
This is your ultimate guide to trading effectively!

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