Dave Kaminski – YouTube Mastery 2.0

Name Product: Dave Kaminski – YouTube Mastery 2.0
Sale Page: http://www.tubeclassroom.com/
Price: $147
Gotta love YouTube. Just like their parent company Google, they make the rules everyone has to follow and then turn around and change them all the time.
In early 2013 YouTube decided to change some of their rules. Like the factors that determine how your videos rank. How the keywords in your video titles and descriptions are handled. How related/recommended videos are determined. And most recently, how you can setup and configure your channels. And the list goes on.
To put it bluntly, what you need to succeed on YouTube in 2013 is different than it was one year ago.
So how can you keep on top of the game and have an unfair advange over everyone else using YouTube?
Easy. Introducing YouTube Mastery 2.0.

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