Darren LaCroix – Master Presenter’s Pack 2012

Name Product: Darren LaCroix – Master Presenter’s Pack 2012
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Price: $79
Darren LaCroix wanted to be a comedian, but he wasn’t funny.
He didn’t know how to prepare, or how to give a good delivery. Yet, ten years later, he became the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking. How did that happen? With a lot of hard work! Darren stumbled through mistakes and failures for years. He struggled just like everyone else.
I came to Toastmasters in 1992… shy, lacking confidence, and with no talent. Thanks to Toastmasters, I was able to quit my day job of 11 years to become a full-time, professional speaker. Some say I’m “lucky.” Lucky? I’m just a guy who used the tool of Toastmasters better than most. Toastmasters gave me a place to practice, mentors pointed me in the right direction, and I was willing to fail.
In preparing for the World Championship Contest I studied 10 years of championship videos (90 world-class speeches), practiced at 22 clubs, got 141 written evaluations, and video-taped myself every chance I could. I also went to the previous World Champions and became a “sponge.” Their insight changed the way I presented forever. Do you think their insight could help you? Absolutely!
My speaking and comedy mentors have condensed decades of humor and speaking experience into this proven, simple, and step-by-step system. How would you like to learn in just 12 hours what it took us years to learn? You can. Decades of knowledge. A lifetime of value.
Here is just a taste of what you’ll discover in the Master Presenter PACK. Everything we wish someone told us:
The “speech creation process” my coach — Mark Brown — showed me (Speak Like a Champion Set CD 2)
Ed Tate’s essential 4 H’s to great speaking and only one is optional! (Speaking Secrets Set CD 5)
The 4 commonalities of 10 World Champs you can bring to your next speech (The Path to Powerful Presentations DVD Program 1)
How to handle hecklers in hostile audiences (Connect with Any Audience CD 3)
The most important question to ask before you write a speech (The Path to Powerful Presentations DVD 3rd Sec, Program 1)
How to change the pace to keep the audience invloved (Connect with Any Audience CD 2)
–  6 CD Set – Speaking Secrets of the Champions $79.95
–  Speaking Secrets e-book transcription $19.95
–  4 CD Set – Connect with Any Audience $69.95
–  4 CD Set – Speak Like a Champion $99.95
–  4 CD Set – Learn How the Pros Make ‘em Laugh $99.00
–  Single CD – Mentors Made the Difference $14.95
–  Single CD – How to Be a World Champion $19.95
–  Single CD – Panic to Power $24.95
–  Book – Laugh & Get Rich (268 pages) $19.95
–  DVD – The Path to Powerful Presentations $59.95
–  DVD – Just for Laffs (Need a laugh?) $20.00

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