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Name Product: Brittany Lynch – Get More Leads Quickly
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Price: $1,999
Brittany Lynch, used to work at Google in The AdWords department, who quit and is now bringing in $40,000+ a month using paid traffic.
Facebook Advertising
– Create a targeted facebook advertising campaign
– Create a facebook page for your business
– Design your facebook ads for maximum click throug rate and cheapest cost per click
– Create great landing pages
– Improve ad performance
– Avoid common ad mistakes
– How To Set Up Your Exact Demographics For Your Ad Audience
– Perform Precision Ad Targeting
– Testing and optimizing your ads
Google, Bing And Yahoo Advertising
– The Penny Strategy
– Youtube Promoted Video Advertising
– How Not To Get Banned By Google
– How To Use Google To Your Benefit And Continue To Profit Even If You Do Get Banned
– How To Set Up And Launch An AdWords Campaign
– Using The Content Network
– The Instant Wealth Hijack Method
– Boost The CTR Of Your Keywords By Up To 15%
– Supercharge Your Conversions By Easily Creating A More Relevant landing Page.
– Perform Proper Market Research To determine Which KeyWords are Worth
– Spending Money on Google TV Advertising: Create An Ad For National T.V..Easier Than You Think
– Write Ads That Get Clicks
– How Not To Get Banned
– Test And Tune Your Campaign To Perfection
– What To Do If You Are Banned And How You Can Still Profit From AdWords Even If You Are Slapped.
– Plus: Digital Recordings Of My $2000 A Seat Advanced AdWords Summit In London, U.K Of June 2010.
LookSmart Advertising
– Learn How To Set-Up Profitable Campaign
– Conduct Advanced Targeting Through The AdCenter
– Determine Which Match Type Will Get You The Most Click
– Find Out How To Get Clicks For As Little As A Penny
– How To Scale Up And Out Your Campaign For More Profits
Email Marketing
– Secret weapon to ensure your emails get delivered every time without fail…
– A Copy of our “Highest Converting Email Ever” so you can literally steal it to make money for yourself…
– Our step-by-step system for training your prospects to click through to your offer every time… (For affiliates and product owners)
– Secret strategies for sneaky selling…
– How to get your subscribers to be anxiously awaiting your emails, literally quadrupling your open rates…
– Our time tested, proven formula for creating emails that grab the visitors attention, and makes them want to buy instantly…
– How to drastically reduce your unsubscribe rate…
Landing Page Riches Software (Sold Now For $999)
– Dynamically insert keywords into your landing page copy on the fly to give all of your landing pages and paid search campaigns the competitive edge i.e pay less money, make more.
– Compatible with all of the major paid search networks, so if you’re doing any paid search advertising you can take advantage of this amazing, time saving application.
– Customize each keyword’s landing page by swapping out either just the keywords themselves or modify an entire text block.
– Your landing pages will receive a grade against Google’s strict quality score guidelines to confirm your landing pages are the best they can be which will increase your conversions and reduce you cost-per-click (CPC).
– Receive guidance if important components are missing from your landing pages – It’s like have a personal landing page adviser at your finger tips, day or night- You’ll be able to tweak all of your landing pages to perfection in record time.
– Ease of use was the main focus of the plugin – You can start creating and improving your landing pages as soon as you install the application – Even if you’ve never worked with WordPress before!
– Create 100’s Of Landing Pages In 15 Minutes (Including Installation Time)

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