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Name Product: Alan Weiss – Common Sense Consulting
Sale Page:
Price: $250
Receive a boost every week with another technique for Common Sense Consulting which will increase your income, decrease your labor intensity, enrich your life, and play a great piano (probably a Steinway).
My incredible offer is this:
I will send you every week (for 50 weeks) a five-minute video with a complete explanation of an immediately applicable technique for Common Sense Consulting. I’ll send you an email of any graphic, document, process visual, or tattoo involved.
You will send me $250. Now. See below.
That’s it. No “but wait” and no Ginsu knives. For $5 a week (!!), a buck per working day (!!!) I’ll send you a device, approach, process, method, or decoder ring that will immediately serve to improve your consulting, increase your value, and decrease your time.
You’re spending $5 a week right now on minor, impulse buys, like newspapers and milk. Bottled water costs more than this.
For the veteran, you’ll find it the best investment you’ve ever made—way better than that Facebook stock you bought hoping to make a killing. For the new person, heck, you’re always asking me for consulting techniques. Well, after a month or so you’ll know more than most, and after a year people will be breaking down your door. (I’m hoping they’re clients and not the IRS.)
We start on Labor Day week, what could be more appropriate? You’ll have these videos on your own platforms, your iPad, computers, and cerebral cortex. Access them any time. Use them as tutorials.
There are never any refunds. I’ll happily resend anything lost in CyberSpace. These are all copyrighted, and you can’t share them, because that’s illegal.
Hurry, I’m thinking of changing my mind.

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